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5.4 Antiprotozoal drugs


The most recent Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Care can be found below: 

Antimicrobial Guidelines in Primary Care

Antimicrobial Guidelines for Secondary Care

For further guidance refer to local Consultant Microbiologists or contact your pharmacist.

5.4.1 Antimalarials

Malaria prophylaxis 
Drugs for malaria are not to be prescribed n the NHS. 
Chloroquine and proguanil are available to purchase over the counter.
Mefloquine (Lariam®), Atovaquone with proguanil hcl (Malarone®) and Doxycycline require a private prescription.
OTC/Self care           Chloroquine Phosphate (Avloclor®)  
                                    tablets 250mg (equivalent to 155mg base)
OTC/Self care           Proguanil tablets 100mg (Paludrine®) 
OTC/Self care           Doxycycline - See section 5.1.3 (private prescription only)
RED                            Primaquine tablets 7.5mg, 15mg (named patient basis)
GREEN                       Quinine Sulphate tablets 200mg, 300mg
RED                            Artesunate 60mg injection 


5.4.2 Amoebicides

GREEN                       Metronidazole
                                    tablets 200mg, 400mg
                                    suspension 200mg/5mL   

5.4.4 Antigiardial drugs

GREEN                          Metronidazole
                                   tablets 200mg, 400mg

                                   suspension 200mg/5mL

5.4.8 Drugs for pneumocystis pneumonia

RED                            Pentamidine nebuliser solution 60mg/mL



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