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Medicine Shortages and News

11th October 2019
Serious Shortage Protocols for fluoxetine 
Serious shortage protocols are available for use with the fluoxetine capsule shortage see here.
UPDATE: Ranitidine products linked to impurity and carcinogen (NDMA).
At present patients and healthcare professionals are advised to continue using their medicines as normal. The health risk 
of discontinuing the medicine is higher than the potential risk presented by the contaminant. Currently there is no evidence that 
medicines containing the impurity have caused any harm to patients but the MHRA is closely monitoring the situation. 
Patients do not need to see their Doctor until their next routine appointment, but should seek their doctor’s advice if they
have any concerns. An MHRA investigation into the brands of ranitidine medicines which may also be affected is continuing 
and further updates will be provided as this investigation progresses. Currently ranitidine products, other than Zantac, have not been 
UPDATE: Zantac – MHRA drug alert issued as GlaxoSmithKline recalls all unexpired pharmacy stock.
Zantac patients should be holistically reviewed in line with the relevant treatment indication. Management options 
may include trialling a step down/treatment break, advising self-care with indigestion products, switching to generic 

ranitidine or where indicated prescribing a low dose PPI.   

10th October 2019
Drug Supply issue affecting Detrusitol XL (tolterodine) 4mg capsules
Due to manufacturing delays, Detrusitol 4mg XL® capsules will be out of stock from the 7th October until 6th December 2019
Other brands of Tolterodine 4mg modified-release capsules remain available from alternative suppliers:
In stock: Blerone XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Zentiva]
                 Mariosea XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Teva]
                 Preblacon XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Accord]
In stock: but only use these if prescribed by brand
                 Inconex XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Sandoz]
                 Neditol XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Aspire]
Out of stock:
                Santizor XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Pfizer]
                Detrusitol XL 4mg prolonged release capsules [Pfizer]
 For further information [click here]