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ELHT Wound Care Formulary Search Index

ELHT Wound Care Formulary Search Index

To search the  Wound Care formulary :
1. Enter the product or first few letters of the product you wish to look for
2. Click the search button
3. Results are shown in the table below
4. Click on the product name for a summary of the product details
5. NB if the product is not shown then it is not available in the formulary.

Internal_IDProductIndication for useSize and NHS CodeCommentsTraffic Light StatusLink to order form
 ActivHeal Foam Adhesive (Foam) Admesol Absorbent, for low to moderate exudate levels. ... 7.5 x 7.5cm               ... GREEN 1st Line 
 ActivHeal Foam Non-Adhesive (Foam) Admesol See notes above.If adhesive or dressing causing erythema or adherence... 5 x 5cm                 ... GREEN 1st line 
 ActivHeal Hydrogel (Hydrogel...To rehydrate wound by donating water.8g                           ... GREEN 1st Line 
 Aquacel Ribbon (Alginate rope)To loosely pack narrow cavities. 1 x 45cm               ...Always document number used.GREEN 1st line 
 Atrauman (Wound contact layer)... Low adherent contact layer. Can be... 5 x 5cm                 ... GREEN 1st Line 
 Comfifast Easiwrap Full range of stockinette garments available to fit all areas of the body for head to toe dressingSpecify size GREEN 1st line 
 ActivHeal Alginate (Alginate Sheet) AdmesolAbsorbs fluid to form a gel promoting debridement of slough.Leave in place approximately 2-4 days 5 x 5cm, [ELS139]10 x 10cm [ELS140] 10 x 20 [ELS141]cm For Rope see AquacelGREEN 1st LineFirst Line Dressing Order Form
 Comfifast Elasticated viscose stockinette Dressing... Comfifast Red 3.5cm  ... GREEN 1st Line1st Line Dressing Order Form