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Request for a New Medicine or Change in Regimen

Any NHS healthcare professional working within the East Lancashire Health Economy
can request that the MMB considers an application to assess a new medicine, and 
prioritise it against other competing requests. 
Where a clinician is considering requesting an intervention for a patient that is not already 
commissioned, but this patient represents the first of many, this will be considered only 
as a Service Development. As such, the clinican should request the intervention for all 
patients, The process for applying for a medicine to be reviewed as a service development
by the MMB can be found below with the application form for a 'New Product, or Change
of Regimen' and guidance relating to the governance arrangements of documents
submitted to East Lancashire Medicines Management Board.

Exceptional Cases 
Where a policy not to fund a medicine is already in place
If an individual falls outside the range of services and treatments that the CCG has agreed
to commission then an Exceptional Funding Request can be made by a clinician, on behalf
of a patient,  to fund healthcare. The responsibility for demonstrating exceptionality lies 
with the requesting clinician and based on the information provided the CCG must decide
whether or not to support this view and agree to fund the request.
Should you wish to apply for exceptional funding please use the form