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Policies for the Commissioning of Healthcare

Policies for the Commissioning of Healthcare
The policies below will be used by Blackburn with Darwen CCG (BwD CCG) and East Lancashire CCG (EL CCG) 

to inform its commissioning of healthcare. The CCGs will consider exceptions to the policies in accordance with the Policy for Considering Applications for Exceptionality to Commissioning Policies.

Policy Criteria for the Provision of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and
 Flash Glucose Monitoring to Patients with Diabetes Mellitus:
To be eligible for funding for a device under the provisions of this policy patients (or their parent(s) / guardian(s)) with type 1 diabetes 
mellitus or non-type 1, non-type 2 diabetes caused primarily by (near-) absence of insulin production must meet the device specific 
requirements set out at section 1.2 or 1.3 and:
a) have been informed of the advantages and disadvantages of continuous/flash glucose monitoring and expressed a continued
     wish to initiate continuous/flash glucose monitoring.
b) have demonstrated appropriate levels of competence to perform carbohydrate counting (e.g level 3 carbohydrate counting such
     as DAFNE regimen; or have been judged by their specialist supervising clinician to have demonstrated an equivalent level of
     competence through the prior management of the patient’s glycaemic control), blood glucose monitoring  and to interpret this
     data to competently adjust insulin doses.
 c) demonstrate a willingness to engage in all necessary training regarding the optimal use of continuous/flash glucose monitoring
     and commit to ongoing regular follow-up and monitoring (including remote follow-up where this is offered)
d) in the case of flash glucose monitoring devices, be willing to commit to using the device daily including performing scans at
     least every 8 hours to provide a 24-hour ambulatory glucose profile; and utilising device readings to inform self-management
 e) in the case of continuous glucose monitoring devices, be willing to commit to using it at least 70% of the time or a minimum
      of 5 days per week and to calibrate it as needed