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Sip Feed Guidelines and Food First Resources

This section has been developed to help clinicians and health care professionals to make an informed decision about nutritional support to those who need it.    

The Food First Guidelines included in this section provides guidance for healthcare professionals on the identification and treatment of people who are nutritionally at risk. The guideline includes: 

  • tools for assessing an individuals nutritional status
  • dietary advice
  • advice on appropriate prescribing, use and monitoring of proprietary feeds
  • specific recommendations for people with diabetes and palliative care.

The guidelines have been designed to help identify and treat adult malnourished people and people that are at risk of developing malnutrition (protein energy under-nutrition). Children and people with special requirements e.g. renal disease, liver disease, malabsorption or eating disorders should be referred to a registered dietitian.   


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Food First assessment

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All material in this section is aimed at health care professionals, but is information currently held in the public domain, members of the

public seeking advice on medicine-related matters are advised to speak with their GP, pharmacist, nurse or contact NHS111 Service 

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