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ApplianceĀ  Prescription Service

Appliance Prescription Service

 This service is available to patients registered with a GP in East Lancashire CCG
Service Information Leaflet 
To order a prescription for Continence or Stoma product call free on: 0800 953 9005 or email aps.eastlancs@nhs.net
Monday to Friday 9am - 3.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays) 
[Remember to order your new prescription when you have 10 days supply of products left].
The Appliance Prescription service information leaflet provides further guidance on how to order products for Stoma and 
Health Care Professionals should use the forms below to order continence or stoma products:
ELHT Continence Prescription Request Form
ELHT Specialist Continence Prescription Request Form   
E:  aps.eastlancs@nhs.net
T; 0800 953 9005

There are a lot of people in East Lancashire who are receiving incorrect quantities of appliances on prescription. One of the reasons for this is the confusion around the time duration an appliance should be used for. 

The document below includes the duration certain appliances should be used for and the quantity which needs to be ordered on a monthly basis.